Low cost calls

Horizon offers completely free calls to UK landlines and UK mobile numbers.*

All calls to anywhere else in the world at very competitive rates.

No tricks! Many phone companies quote a cheap headline rate but then ramp up the bill with minimum call charges, call setup charges, or round up your calls to the next whole minute or even longer! We charge only for the number of seconds you are connected! (We quote our rates in pence per minute, but if you speak for 30 seconds, you are billed only half a minute!)

Free itemised billing. So you can see what calls we are charging for! We don’t charge extra for a full detailed bill showing every call you made, time, date, number dialled, duration, and cost!  We can also include a handy report on your top ten calls by duration, cost, etc.

Free bill download. If you want your bill as a “CSV” file that you can import into spreadsheets such as Excel or any database program, just ask!

Example rates.

These rates are correct as of July 2013. By the time you read this, they may be even cheaper. We’ll update this page from time to time!

  • UK Landlines (any 01, 02 or 03 number) – FREE.
  • UK Mobiles (any carrier – but note not all 07 numbers are mobile!) – FREE
  • France landlines – 1.15p/min
  • Belgium landlines – 1.8p/min
  • Canada landlines – 0.637p/min
  • USA landlines – 1.14p/min
  • Australia landlines – 2.78p/min
  • Taiwan landlines – 2.48p/min
  • Portugal landlines – 2.52p/min


  • No minimum call duration
  • No rounding up
  • No call setup fee (except where a call set up fee is used to pay for the service, e.g. directory enquiries)

* – subject to a fair-use policy of 2000 minutes per month.