Using the Call Recording feature

Indivudal user

To configure call recording for an individual extension, in the horizon portal, go to Edit User, Call Setup, and choose Call Recording from the Settings section of the left side menu.

You can now choose from three possible settings

  • Record X percent of all calls
  • Record On Demand
  • Do Not Record

If you choose the first option, fill in the percentage. 100% and Horizon will record every call you make or recieve. 50% and Horizon will pick half the calls to record at random.

If you choose the second option, no calls are recorded automatically, but you can record any call whilst it’s in progress by keying *1 on your phone. Note that even if you key *1 half-way through the call, Horizon will still record the entire call.

Hunt Groups

Irrespective of the settings of the individual extensions within a hunt group, you can set the system up to record calls made to that hunt group in similar fasion. In the admin portal, go to Call Groups, Edit the group in question, and click on the Call Recording tab.  You have the same three options to choose as for the user accounts.

Accessing recordings

Any calls you record are stored on the Horizon server. You can access them via the admin portal, just go to the Recorded Calls tab. You will see a list of all calls that are currently stored on the server. If there are a lot of calls, you can use the filters at the top of the page to narrow the list down to a particular time range, look for incomign or outgoing calls only, or search for a particular caller or called number.

Once the list shows the call(s) you are interested in, you can click to download a call, or tick a selection of calls and download them all. You can similarly delete a single or selection of calls from the server.

Digital Fingerprint

The Horizon server takes a digital fingerprint of each call as soon as the recording is complete. This signature can later be used to verify that a call recording you have stored on your system is identical to the file you originally downloaded, and has not been edited or tampered with in any way.  These call fingerprints are kept even after the calls themselves have been removed from the server. You can’t access the fingerprint files via the portal, but they are available on request.


Please be aware that though the call recording service is included in the Horizon system as standard, if you actually record calls, there are storage charges for the space the recordings use on the server. So please make sure that you regularly check the recorded calls list and download and/or delete any calls accumulating there.

Please be aware also that if you leave calls on the server, as well as attracting storage charges, they will be automatically purged after six months, so if you wish to keep call recordings you must download them and store them locally.

We would be delighted to help setup a suitable secure local storage system if you don’t already have one!