Number Flexibility

Your horizon phone number can be in any UK geographic code area. Or you can have numbers in multiple areas.

There’s no limit to how many numbers you can have.

The Horizon phone displays not only the number or name of the person who is calling you, but also which of your numbers they dialled. So you can tell if an incoming call is a sales call, or an accounts enquire, or if it’s a response to a TV advert or mailshot.

You have a separate phone number for each phone, but you can also set up company or department numbers with hunt groups. You choose which phones ring for each number, or if a number should go directly to voicemail or to an auto-attendant.

We can import your existing phone numbers! Once your Horizon phones are up and running, we can bring the numbers from your existing phone service across, cancelling the lines and saving you money, and once on Horizon, the numbers work just the same as any others – you can assign them to specific phones, hunt groups, etc.

Outbound Caller Display

You can also choose which number appears on the screen of people you call. It can be the individual phone number, a hunt group or central number, or even a number that isn’t on your Horizon phone at all – you can present an 0800 number, for example.