Withholding your number

By default when you call someone, your number will appear on their phone. If you wish to withhold your number, try these methods.

Note that the “traditional” code of dialling 141 before the number doesn’t work.


You can turn off number presentation permanently – at least until you turn it on again – by dialling in the code *31 and pressing “Dial”. A recorded message will tell you that number presentation has been turned off.

Any call you make now will not show your number to the person you’re calling.

To turn number presentation on again, enter #31 on the keypad and press “Dial”

Temporary withhold

To withhold your number for a single call, prefix your number with *67 – e.g. to call us here at Wizards without us knowing who you are, key in *6701494837515<dial>. This single call will be made “number withheld” but your next call will be back to normal.

What’s my number?

Note that none of these codes change the number which is presented when you call – if you have more than one number you can configure your DDI and Number Presentation settings in the Horizon portal.