Voicemail is built in to Horizon phone system.

You have a voicemail account for each phone, so everyone can set up their own message and record calls made to their extension when they’re out, busy, or on a call.

You also have voicemail accounts for hunt groups, so you can have company wide or department voice messaging for out-of-hours calls. (Note – Hunt Group voicemail accounts will let you record your “name” at Option 3, but don’t use it. Please include “Hello this is Company” or similar in the “busy” and “no answer” Greetings. )

You can access your voicemail box from your own extension, or any other phone.

You receive an email notification when a voicemail has been left in your box.

You can use the system standard greeting message or record your own, and change it at any time.

In the event you can’t use your phones, if you have a power cut, or no access to the network, your incoming calls will still go to your voicemail box, and you can access your voicemail from a mobile or landline. ( Or you can set your incoming calls up to route to your mobile or another phone. )