Setting up your new phone – SPA 122 Adapter

IF you have chosen to connect one or more of your Horizon accounts using an existing phone with a BT plug rather than an IP phone – the most common reason for this choice being so you can use a DECT cordless phone with the system – then we will have sent you an ATA  (Analogue Telephone Adapter) – in particular a Cisco model SPA122.   This page tells you how to connect the unit up when it arrives.

Wiring up your Horizon Cisco SPA122

Wiring up your Horizon Cisco SPA122

Unpack the ATA. You will note it has two RJ45 sockets on the back, marked “Ethernet” (yellow) and “Internet” (blue), and also two RJ11 sockets marked “Phone 1” and “Phone 2”.

You need to make THREE connections to the box. First connect an Ethernet cable (red in the photo, you should find a blue one in the box, or any Ethernet cable will do!) in to the blue “Internet” socket, and the far end of that cable should be plugged in to a spare socket on your internet router or network switch. Secondly, using the BT adapter supplied (may have shipped separately – check your doormat for post!) connect your chosen phone to the “Phone 1” socket. Finally, connect the power adapter, and plug it in!

The first time it connects the SPA122 will connect to the Horizon system and download a large firmware and configuration file. This may take up to fifteen minutes so PLEASE don’t interrupt it. Go have a cup of tea and a chocolate hobnob. By the time you come back, it should have finished.

If you need a longer Ethernet cable, please contact us, we can supply them in assorted lengths up to and beyond 20m!

Note that if your phone comes with a “USA” style connection cable as well as  a “BT” one, you don’t need to use the white adapter, rather, you can connect the phone directly to the “Phone 1” socket using the USA-style cable.

Once it’s connected, and powered up, and you’ve waited long enough for that initial configuration session to complete, you can pick up the phone – and hear a dial tone – and dial normally!

If you don’t know your  Horizon phone number or extension number, you can find out from your Horizon system administrator or from Wizards. If any of this doesn’t make sense, call us!

NOTE – you cannot use the “Phone 2” port with the Horizon system – only the first port is supported. If you need to connect a second phone, call us for another ATA.  You should not connect anything to the yellow “Ethernet” port.