Hunt Groups

Distribute calls automatically to departments, work groups, teams, or the entire company with hunt groups.

Each hunt group has an incoming outside number, and an extension number. A call coming in to either number can be set to

  • ring all the phones in the group at once
  • ring each phone in turn, starting with the extension that least recently rang
  • ring each phone in turn starting with the extension which has been idle longest

You can choose which phones are in each group, how long to try each phone before moving on, and what to do if no-one answers the call – e.g. go to a different hunt group, an operator, or to voicemail.

Hunt groups have their own voicemail account, so an unanswered caller will hear a greeting relevant to the team they were trying to reach, or the whole company, instead of someone’s personal voicemail message.

Hunt groups can be set up to record calls independantly of the settings for individual users.

When a call comes in to a hunt group, the Horizon phone display shows which group was called, as well as who the caller is.  As well as enabling you to greet the caller in a manner dependant on who he is expecting to speak with, this feature allows you to rapidly identify if a call is coming in to a number being used for a TV or magazine advertisment, for example.