Setting up your new Horizon phone – Cisco

When you receive your Horizon phone you’ll have to put it together and plug it in. PLEASE read this page first, there are some important notes!

First, note that the phone comes with the manufacturers original installation and setup instructions but you don’t need to worry about anything apart from just assembling it and plugging it in!  Specifically, please ignore anything you may read about updating firmware, creating accounts, etc., This has all been done before the phone ships to you!  You do NOT need to install anything from the enclosed CD. 

User account.

Before you plug in the phone, you should create the user account for it, unless Wizards has done this for you. Do this by going to the Horizon portal, log in with the Admin credentials, and go to Users, and click “+ADD“. Fill in the user’s name, email address, etc., When you get to the “Phone” screen, choose the model and MAC address of your new phone from the drop-down list (e.g. Cisco_SPA504G_EC:E1:A8:CC:C1:C2). You will find the mac address (the sequence of characters separated by colons) should match the label on the box the phone came in and the label on the underside of the phone.

IF the new phone does not appear in the list, you may have to wait up to 24 hours after it has been delivered to you for it to be available to configure for a user.

Assembling the phone.

Slot the stand into the back of the main unit.

Connect the curly cable to the  handset. Note that the short end of the curly cable should be connected to the handset and the long end to the base of the phone. Once you have the long end plugged in to the handset socket in the base of the phone, carefully feed the first part of the cable through the channel in the base so it isn’t tugging on the connector.

The Ethernet cable (or your own existing cable) should be connected to the socket marked “SW”. The other end of this cable should be connected to your internet router, directly, via an Ethernet Switch, or via your structured cabling

If you do not have a PowerOverEthernet service, you will also need to connect the supplied mains adapter. If you do have PowerOverEthernet, you must NOT connect the mains adapter.

Connect the power LAST. 

Initial power up

Once you connect the power, the phone should boot up – you will see a series of messages on the screen. PLEASE NOTE that the first time the phone connects, it will download and install a software update. This takes anything up to 20 minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection, it’s very important NOT to interrupt the process, so keen as you may be to see the phone start working, we recommend that once you have powered up the phone, you go away and leave it to work!  You MUST not interrupt the download process by unplugging mains or Ethernet or pushing any button. 

Your phone downloads its configuration automatically from the Horizon server. To change the user name, the extension number, etc,. you log in to the Horizon portal and change the settings on the web page. Then the phone will download the changes.

ONCE the upgrade process is complete the phone will reboot again, and this time, will quickly reach a point where it shows your extension number against the “Line” keys next to the screen, and the line keys go green.  Now it’s ready to use!!