Call Recording

Call recording functions are built in to Horizon as standard.

You can configure each extension to record all calls, a random selection (you specify a percentage) or to record any call on demand.

With on-demand recording, you can tap in a code mid-call and the entire call is still recorded for later downloading!

Recorded calls are stored on the server and you can then download them from the Horizon portal.

Horizon’s call recording system is designed to meet the standards of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). A digital signature is made of each call as the recording is completed and stored securly. You can later request this signature and test your copy of the call against it to prove it has not been tampered with since it was recorded. This feature also applies to Horizon’s Voicemail recordings.

Please Note

WARNING. Horizon cannot record any call originating from another Horizon customer. As of November 2014 there are about 6000 Horizon subscriptions in use so the chances are that won’t arise, but until we can be sure the system has been re-worked to remove this issue, please bear in mind the possibility.