Transferring calls

Once a call is in progress, either when you answer an incoming call, or when you call out and the call has been connected successfully, you will note that one of the soft keys changes to show “Transfer“.

Press the “Transfer” soft key. You will hear a dial tone. The caller will hear silence or music, depending what you have configured in “Site Admin / Music On Hold“. Dial the number to which you wish to transfer the call. This can be an extension number on your Horizon system, including the virtual-extension number for a hunt group or auto-attendant, or it can be any other telephone number, a mobile, a landline, etc. When this call is answered, you can hang up to complete the transfer, or you can first speak to the person you have dialled to tell them you’re transferring a call to them.

Please note that if you transfer a call to an external number, you will be charged for the forwarding leg of the call – just as if you called and spoke to that person yourself.